Speedrunner Uses Pokemon Red Glitch To Beat a Completely Different Game

Wow. Just wow.

I’ve seen some crazy bugs in video games before, but this one just has to take the cake.

Why? Because in the video below, a speedrunner called MrCheeze on YouTube manages to use an arbitrary code execution code in Pokemon Red to warp to the credits in a completely different game! Here’s a video showing the process in action:

But how does it work, you may be asking?

Well, like this. Basically, the glitch in Pokemon lets the player write data/code to memory. However, here’s the key:

The Game Boy Color doesn’t remove data from memory the minute the system is switched off.

Instead, it remains there for a short time afterwards. And so by quickly inserting another game and starting up, you can maintain code written to memory from an arbitrary code execution glitch in a completely different title.

It’s a creative little trick, and one hell of an argument for clearing system memory/RAM the second it’s switched off. Yet, does any of this sound familiar to you?

Yeah, it does to me. And I just realised why.

Because the same concept was kind of how Rare was going to implement Stop ‘n’ Swop in the N64 era. They were going to take advantage of the console not clearing RAM the second it’s switched off to load the data there into the second title.

Of course, this was foiled by a console revision (data was cleared after only 1 second instead of 10), but the same general idea applies.

But yeah, I guess they could have got the same idea to work fine on the Game Boy Color!

So what do you think about this? Are you impressed that someone even figured this out? Post your thoughts on Gaming Reinvented or on social media today!


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