Speedrunner Changes Super Mario World Into Flappy Bird Via Glitch

Sometimes, glitches in video games are just your typical ‘glitch’ stuff. Like going out of bounds or dying in some weird way. Other times, they’re incredibly interesting to the point a fair bit of the game has been remade on the fly, like those glitches used in ‘beat Super Mario World without jumping videos’.

And then… there’s this. To put it simply, speedrunner SethBling has used a glitch in the game to remotely write the code for Flappy Bird to the ROM… then switch Super Mario World to the new game.

Live on Twitch. In other words, he basically changed Super Mario World to Flappy Bird mid level via injecting custom code into the game through a glitch. Here’s a video of it happening:

All I can say here is wow, this is just insane. I mean, I’ve seen some crazy glitches before, but rewriting a game to change into something else while it’s running? That’s one hell of a glitch you’ve got right there, and a ridiculous amount of time and dedication to pull it off.

Makes me wonder how long it’ll be till someone replaces Super Mario World with a Super Mario World ROM hack live on air. I mean, it’s presumably possible, right? And damn, can you imagine how strange it’d be if you say, transformed a basic Super Mario World ROM into Brutal Mario via this kind of code injection? You’d certainly make everyone’s jaw drop even further.

But what do you think about this? Are you surprised that someone can edit Super Mario World into a Flappy Bird clone by running a code injection glitch on the game while it’s running? And what do you think their next ‘project’ should be now?


SethBling’s Twitch Archive for This Run