SM64: Last Impact Released

It’s been just 2 or so years since SM64: Last Impact was first started, but as of earlier today, it’s finally been released. Here’s the trailer for the game, courtesy of hack creator Kaze Emanuar:

As you can see, it’s a pretty impressive Super Mario 64 mod already. But here’s the thing; it’s not just any Super Mario 64 mod. Oh no, this is the most technically impressive Mario 64 hack ever made. Indeed, thanks to the creator’s insane ASM work, the game now has:

  • Completely unique levels with their own distinct graphics and music (which often look much better than the original game)
  • New enemies in every level, like Tap Taps, Freezies, Giant Piranha Plants and even Fuzzies from Yoshi’s Island.
  • A slew of new bosses, every one of which is custom. This is especially impressive given how there was previously just ONE custom boss ever made in the history of Super Mario 64 ROM hacking, yet this game has about ten of them.
  • Lots of new power ups, like the Fire Flower, Cloud Flower, Ice Flower, Spring Mushroom and even Yoshi (complete with abilities including throwing eggs and flutter jumping!)
  • A whole new story with new cutscenes, new NPCs, and a whole new set up in general.

Heck, there’s even a 3D version of Peach’s Castle as a file select screen!

In other words, it’s an insane project that feels less like a hack and more like a new game. A new sequel to Super Mario 64 if you will.

So here’s the download link:

SM64: Last Impact Download (Google Drive)

As well as Kaze’s instructions on how to run the game in an emulator:

It’s definitely one you should check out immediately, especially if you’re a Mario fan. Go ahead and download it, you won’t regret it!


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Bryan Mora
Bryan Mora
3 years ago

No sabía como correrlo en el emulador, muchas gracias!