REMx Launcher Lets You Stream PC Games to Nintendo Switch

A while back, an app called Rainway was announced that let you stream PC games to your Nintendo Switch. This app was created by a company called Rainway Inc, and was intended to be released on the eShop (in beta form) sometime during May 2017.

Unfortunately, that never really came to pass. For whatever reason, Nintendo was slow to get back to the developer about the program, and hence the only information we have about its release is that ‘the beta was planned for November’.

But fortunately, all isn’t lost here! Why? Because while Rainway may have gotten delayed, another program to do the same thing has been released for free online!

Named the REMx Launcher, this program lets you stream PC games to your Nintendo Switch by simply running a program on your PC and configuring a few network settings. No eShop, no Nintendo approval… just follow the instructions below and you can get it working right now:

So here’s what you have to do:

First, check the IP address of your PC. You can do this by either using the ipconfig command in the command prompt (CMD.exe) or by looking in Network Settings on your PC.

Next, run the REMx program on your computer. You’ll need to give it admin access for this to work, so keep that in mind if you’re security conscious here.

Then go to the Nintendo Switch and use the web browser trick. It’s a bit long for me to write about here, but you can see a handy guide to using that in this forum thread at the Digiex forums.

Once you’ve got it working, type in your PC address with port 8081 after it. Like this:

Note for the Tech Challenged: Do not type in, that’s your localhost IP address. Type in the IP of your computer instead.

Voila, you can now stream PC games to your Nintendo Switch system. It’s a pretty simple set up, and one you can get video instructions for by watching AeonRipper M’s YouTube video on the matter here:

So don’t bother with Rainway. Just set up this program, and you can stream PC games to your Nintendo Switch without waiting until November or what not.

But hey, what do you think? Is this something you’re going try out now it’s available?

Or are you just going to wait for the more… official app to be released instead?

Post your thoughts on the matter here or on social media today!


REMx Launcher (GBATemp Forum)


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