Recent Doctor Who Episode References Mario Series

A while ago, we mentioned an interesting Doctor Who reference in the recent Christmas special. But now it seems that’s not the end of the video game references in the series!

Oh no, in the latest episode of series 10 (Extremis), the Doctor is trying to explain why people are killing themselves in the illusion the episode is set in. He says that once they figured out reality is fake, they ‘rebel’ by ending their own lives, as a way to screw up the simulation.

And guess what he uses to illustrate this? Yep, none other than our favourite plumber Mario! Here’s a video showing the scene in action:

As well as the Doctor’s comment in the episode:

It’s like Super Mario realising he’s not real, and deleting himself from the game. Because he’s sick of dying.

As you can tell, it’s a pretty vague reference. Nothing quite as obvious as ‘flooding downstairs with Pokemon’ like in The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

But it’s an interesting one none the less. What would Mario do if he realised he wouldn’t real? I mean, on the one hand life isn’t that bad for him in the games. He doesn’t die anyone near as often in current era Mario platformers, and the party life must be quite fun.

So in that sense, I guess he would want to keep going. Why stop with the kart races and parties?

At the same time though, you then have the hellish bonus levels and extra modes. Super Mario Maker’s 100 Mario challenge is brutal, especially on Super Expert Mode. Heck, imagine being the poor soul having to die tens of times going through this virtual meat grinder:

It must be like what the Doctor himself went through in Heaven Sent. Either way, it’s an interesting little shout out, and one of a fair few in the episode itself. Definitely an episode to watch if you haven’t seen it yet.

Still, what do you think about it? Did you find it amusing? Or did you prefer the more blatant Pokemon GO one from the Christmas special?

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