A Quick Update on Gaming Reinvented

So, what’s happening with this site?

I mean, it’s been in development for ages now, hasn’t it? When are you finally going to release a version 1.0 rather than writing and marketing random articles from a half finished beta?

Soon. And this time, I mean it. You see, the reason updates on this site have been so slow is because locally, I’m working on various major features, like the ability for users to post new articles and set how they want to be paid for. A quick filter that reorders the home page via Ajax rather than the typical Reddit style page reload. Various ways to try and integrate a decent voating system. Designs for pages used to set up subscriptions, pay bills and edit personal information. That sort of thing.

Basically, the plan is to make it a real platform for gaming journalism rather than a traditional news site. Traditional news has no market, it’s pretty much impossible to fund sustainably and for the most part, political and corporate biases have basically destroyed it. So the idea of Gaming Reinvented is pretty much going to be crowdsourced, social gaming journalism and news.

However, there are a few snags:

1. I’m not an expert developer. I build websites, I can code custom functionality and I’ve worked on the odd ROM hack or fan game, but making features for websites is not something I particularly enjoy. As a result, it’s been a matter of trying to figure out how to design and implement a somewhat complicated user interface in a way that a normal user can somehow understand and that doesn’t take months of work (like what happened on a certain gaming site Kickstarter ).

2. I have an actual full time job, so my hours a week are basically… four hours total on a weekday and two days on a weekend. In that time, I need to post content on the site, code the site’s functionality, design it, promote it, work on my other projects and keep Wario Forums from having a meltdown. Oh, and the Youtube videos. I’m planning to start making more of those soon too, with a nice professional microphone and video editing software.

Basically, I don’t have Friends Rent Control or a One Hour Work Week like much of Twitter or various Z-list TV celebrities.

3. Money is not exactly something I have in abundance here, so paying other people to do some of those things is right out.

Either way, I’ll have some more free time next week, and hopefully the fixed new post, edit post, paid subscriptions and banner ad features will finished in due course. I also plan to start a company as a startup to try and finance a better platform for my ideas.

Sorry for the delays, and I hope people will like the finished Gaming Reinvented when it’s finally in a near complete state. Cause trust me, it will cause a huge amount of controversy in the world of gaming journalism. I can guarantee that!