Project Wario Land Announced!

Are you a fan of the Wario series? Someone who really wants to see a Wario Land 6 game, but thinks it’ll never happen officially? Worry that everyone has forgotten about the Wario series?

Well if so, Project Wario Land (previously called Super Wario Land) might be right up your street! In development on Wario Forums for a while (and run by Youtube celebrity and fan game creator WwwWario), Project Wario Land is meant to offer the sort of gameplay fans have wanted for years. It’s got large levels filled with secrets. An open ended mission structure similar to Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. Heck, it’s even got some of the caps from Wario Land 1 as items you can use!

Here’s the offical announcement trailer:

As well as a video showing me trying out the beta:

So how is the game so far? Well, pretty decent actually. Okay, it doesn’t feel exactly like a Wario Land game as far as physics go, but it feels a lot closer than most attempts in the past. And dear god, the soundtrack in the game (custom made by Alex Naveira) fits wonderfully. It’s almost all new (with the exception of the mission select screen), yet captures the feel of Wario Land 2-4 perfectly. For example, the cave themes in the demo are remniscient of the Underwater Tunnels theme from Wario Land 2.

The level design is well thought out too. For instance, the game’s first level has everything from a grass land, to a beach, to various caves and even the treetops. And that’s actually going to be a running theme here, the levels won’t be one note ones based on traditional themes. You won’t have a grass land, a desert, an icy mountain and a haunted house as four seperate levels with one core idea apiece. So the ghost house might only be a part of a much bigger stage with a city, some caves, a mountain and an airship as locations to explore. The desert might be part of an area with an ocean, a tropical island with jungle and and the obligatory ancient pyramid to journey through. They’re more akin to the kind of massive, geographically varied areas that Virtual Boy Wario Land got close to rather than the shallow ‘courses’ from New Super Mario Bros.

Either way, if you want to try the game for yourself (or just follow its development), check out the topic about it on Wario Forums today. It’s not finished, and there are notable things to improve somewhere down the line, but it’s a very promising project with some fun gameplay so far.


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Aw, it's just a fangame…

Still, it looks good!