Project Sonic 2017 Announced for Nintendo NX

It was revealed at Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Party last night and is due out on various consoles in 2017. Here’s the trailer for the game:

As you can see, it follows on from Sonic Generations with the two versions of Sonic working together again this. In a game described as a new experience rather than a sequel, it asks you to ‘join the resistance’ against what seems to be Eggman’s rule of the world.

So it’s definitely going for a darker tone than before. Hopefully it won’t be another Sonic 2006 or Shadow the Hedgehog this time.

The game is coming to NX, PS4 and Xbox One in 2017.

What do you think about the new game? Is it a title you plan on buying when 2017 rolls around?


Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter


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Link 70222
4 years ago

I was really excited when I saw it earlier. It looks amazing. I hope it's like Sonic Generations and Sonic 06 combined. On another note, I hate the Sonic fanbase. I never understood why people didn't like it until now. Here's a comment I found. It's not word for word since it was 2 hours ago,  but it went something like this: "Why did they have to put classic Sonic in it? It was only thing that made Sonic Generations feel fresh and new. Now it's ruined." Or something like that. I mean, it's a new game and people are… Read more »

Edward Thorpe
Edward Thorpe
4 years ago

“sonic Dimensions”!? You mean “Sonic Generations” Right?

4 years ago

Another NX game known for a console we know nothing about  :p