Has Project AM2R Been Shut Down by Nintendo?

Well, that was quick! Seems just 24 or so hours after hosting it, Metroid Database has received a take down notice for the Metroid 2 remake. Here’s the topic about it on their forum:

AM2R Takedown on Metroid Database Forums

But is the take down real? Well, it’s hard to be certain really.

On the one hand, it’s not associated with Jason Allen. Instead, the take down notice was sent by someone called Brian Sniffen, who claims to be from Miller Nash. This checks out a lot more, assuming the LinkedIn and Miller Nash profiles below refer to this individual:

Brian Sniffen on LinkedIn
Brian Sniffen’s Miller Nash Page

So it seems like the name refers to an actual attorney at least. In that sense, it seems like the notice may really have been sent on Nintendo of America’s behalf.

On the other hand… something still seems a bit off about the whole affair.


Because the actual project site and main download links haven’t been affected. Instead, the only notice sent was to Metroid Database for hosting the game. Not Mediafire. No FileDropper. Not whoever’s hosting the torrent file. The project site’s main news announcement is completely intact with all links working.

This seems odd for a DMCA notice. I mean, why go after a single random mirror? It’s not like more people were posting it, and the main download links themselves come up after maybe five minutes in Google.

It’s similar to what happened with Ocarina of Time 2D, which did seem to be the subject of a dodgy take down notice. Is the idea of going after a single download link a sign of anything? Is it a lazy hoaxer trademark? Maybe a strange practice by the legal team?

Because it’s a very strange decision to take, and seems to defeat the purpose of a DMCA notice.

It’s also worth noting that correct details don’t confirm anything in regards to a DMCA notice’s legitimacy. Yeah, a fake name is a clear sign that something’s amiss. But given that many such notices are posted online (via the Lumen Database), and email spoofing is extremely easy to do, it’s not inconceivable it could be faked here too.

But this is all speculation really. We’ll have to wait for a statement by Nintendo to know if it’s really been taken down by them or not.

So what do you think? Is it a real take down notice? Or another faker?


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