Pokemon Sun and Moon May Have Pokemon GO Compatibility!

Pokemon GO Logo

Remember how a while back, Game Freak staff talked of possible connectivity between Pokemon GO and the main series?

Well, it seems like this may coming soon than we thought. Why? Because in Pokemon Sun and Moon’s text, there are lines pointing out Pokemon GO, Mystery Gift and items! Have a look for yourself:

Pokemon Sun and Moon Game Text (Project Pokemon)

Still don’t see it? Well, search for this line:

Thank you for playing Pokemon GO! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokemon Center.

Or more accurately, look for the ‘thank you for playing’ part, since the text hasn’t been encoded properly in the linked file. Either way, you should find it right there clear as day. It’s right underneath the one above saying “Thank you for playing the Virtual Console”!

So yeah, it seems Game Freak do have plans to connect the games. Presumably, by allowing you to trade items or Pokemon from one or the other. Or maybe get special items/Pokemon based on how well you’re doing with Pokemon GO in general.

But what do you think? Is the possibility of Pokemon GO connecting to Pokemon Sun and Moon interesting to you?


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