Pokemon GO Being Released in Latin America

Which includes Brazil, where the game has just been launched. So it’s good news for visitors to the Olympics, who’ll be able to play the game in the city.

As well as you know, the very large Pokemon fanbase in Brazil that’s been bugging Niantic for a few days. Hopefully this’ll stop Niantic’s CEO having his Twitter account hacked again!

Either way, it’s available there now, and being rolled out across the rest of the region as we speak.

In other news, remember that Articuno that some players had managed to get? Despite it not officially being available in Pokemon GO?

Articuno in Pokemon GO

Another example of Articuno in Pokemon GO

Well, it seems that wasn’t a hack or a hoax. Instead, Niantic actually screwed up and gave out legendary Pokemon to random people. Talk about the support team making a right pigs ear of things!

But now Niantic have corrected that too. They’ve removed legendary Pokemon from various accounts that had them, and stopped randomly giving out any more.

They’ve also mentioned that bug fixes are incoming, and low power mode will be brought back soon. These announcements can all be found in this post on the game’s Facebook page:

Pokemon GO Page – Facebook

So what do you think about this? Are you happy the game is now available in Brazil? And should Niantic remove legendary Pokemon from accounts that have them?


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I didn't know about the legendary until they posted about it, glad they could correct the issue. I was shown this. The Aricuno in a Team Instict Gym, hahaha. [ATTACH=full]217[/ATTACH] Some people suspect hacking, but perhaps the legendaries released were only this bird. I am also very excited now that it has been officially released in Latin America. I hope soon it can be out worldwide. I think once they have all the Pokemon Go with the legal application, it will be easier for them to track the real amount of resources, and things needed to be taken into account… Read more »