The Pokemon GO News Round Up; Part 3

It’s been a while since I posted one of these, hasn’t it?

Yes. Yes it has. But now a few weeks have gone, I feel it’s the right time to post another summary. So here are the latest Pokemon GO news, memes and videos!

General News

Team Leaders Revealed

First up, Niantic has revealed the leaders for the in game teams. Ever wanted to know what Candela, Blanche and Spark look like? Well, here you go:

Pokemon GO Downloaded More than 75 Million Times

That’s insanely impressive. It’s already the most downloaded iOS app of all time, and it’s getting to that point on Android too.

Pokemon GO Available in Hong Kong and France

As has been announced by Niantic. Here are their posts for these regions:

But do you know what this means?

Now, all the Pokemon regions have Pokemon GO in real life! Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh are Japan, which has the game. Unova is the US, which has the game. And now with France getting it, Kalos has been ticked off the list too!

This won’t change with generation 7 either. Alola is the Pokemon equivalent to Hawaii, which has it as a US state.

Trading is Being Added to Pokemon GO

It’ll be added when the servers stabilise.

There are other additions being considered too. These include Pokemon from other regions, Pokemon Centres and customisable Pokestops.

Pokemon GO Drops to 2nd Place on iOS Free Charts (in North America)

Well, for a short time anyway. The Bitmoji app has added Snapchat support, and hence gotten a ton more downloads all of a sudden as a result.

Memes and Videos

And there’s quite an assortment of these this time around.

Pokemon GO Costs WWE Tag Team Victory

Like this one, where a wrestling tag team were so absorbed in the game, they walked straight through a match in progress.

Pokemon Go Walking Theme Remix

Or these two Pokemon GO remixes. The first one is by DJ Cutman, and can be heard here:

While the second one is by GlitchxCity and can be heard here:

The Rock Becomes a Pokemon?

Ever wanted to see someone catch The Rock (the wrestler) in Pokemon GO? No?

Well, MatPat from the Game Theorists has done a video like that anyway. Talk about a strange collaboration!

Life Before and After Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Comic

The world has changed a lot since Pokemon GO came out. So thanks to Dorkly, here’s a comic showing just how different things really are!

That poor dog…

Mewtwo Prank Tricks Japanese Pokemon GO Players

Unfortunately, Mewtwo isn’t available in Pokemon GO yet. At least, without cheating.

But that didn’t stop some prankster, who tricked a bunch of Japanese players into thinking it could be found in this park. The resulting crowd is huge!

Rihanna Tells People Not to Play Pokemon GO at Concert

Previously, musicians had to tell people not to use their phone to text at concerts. Now thanks to Pokemon GO, they have to warn people not to catch Pokemon instead!

Pokemon GO Players Water Bombed in Sydney

On another note, it’s not just Japan that’s drawing huge crowds for this game. Sydney in Australia is too, and some people don’t like it very much. The result? Players are being hit with water bombs and what not by various troublemakers, and police want to remove some of the Pokestops!

Weezing Holds Gym at Monument to the Holocaust

Remember when someone caught a Koffing in the Holocaust Museum?

Well, someone’s found out that the Holocaust Memorial is a gym in Pokemon GO. So they left a Weezing there.

holocaust memorial pokemon

That might cause a bit of outrage! Guess this gym won’t last very long!

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor?

Ever wanted to see a singing Weepingbell in Pokemon GO?


Well, here’s one anyway.

‘Seductive Toad Sculpture’

And now for your ‘strange Pokestop location of the day’ picture. This… odd statue is certainly not your standard Pokestop, is it?

I Am Rural

In Pokemon GO, more Pokemon are usually found in urban areas than the countryside.

As a result, some inventive person decided to use this to parody a certain well known movie poster:

I am rural

Pokemon GO Safety Tips

As brought to you by the Lake City police department!

Keep Pokestops Clean?

How to stop littering at Pokemon GO’s Pokestops? Well, use an amusing sign based on the loading screen of course!

Sponge Doobie

Thought the ‘seductive frog statue’ was a silly Pokestop? Well, this one’s even more ridiculous. It’s some graffiti based on a Spongebob meme…

Nicolas Cage Pokestop

Never mind, this might be even sillier. The Nicolas Cage wax figure from the Hollywood Wax Museum is a Pokestop too. For some reason, it’s the only statue that works as one too…

View post on

Giant Pokemon Glitch in Pokemon GO

Moving on from the silly Pokestops, here’s what happens when Pokemon GO glitches out in a gym battle. Your Pokemon fight each other on the world map, like some kaiju from a Godzilla movie!

Pokemon Kaiju

Honest Game Trailers – Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO in a nutshell, by the same hilarious people that mock the hell out of most games with joke trailers.

Pokemon GO Via the Vufine Headset

Ever want a Google Glass like solution for Pokemon GO? Well, this device lets you stream mobile apps to the headset. Because of this, the developers filmed themselves playing Pokemon GO on it:

Other Miscellaneous Stuff

From Pokemon crimes to other random miscellany, here’s a round up of other ‘strange’ Pokemon GO related happenings.

Pokemon GO Helping Ingress Gain Popularity

Like how Pokemon GO is helping market Ingress (Niantic’s previous app). In Japan, it’s now shot up to sixth on the popular app charts, with Pokemon GO in the top spot.

Woman Arrested For Internationally Hitting Pokemon GO Player

And in some rather terrible news, a Maine woman has been arrested for trying to run over a Pokemon GO player. You might not like a game, but please try and hurt or kill someone playing it.

Pokemon GO Smart Watch App

Want to know what Pokemon are nearby via your watch? Don’t want to pay for Pokemon GO Plus?

If so, this smart watch app could be rather useful to you. Pity it only exists for Android devices!

Another Pokemon Dating Site Appears

This time, it’s called Poke Match, and tries to hook up Pokemon Go players. Why we need two such sites I don’t know. Heck, even one seems obsessive.

Two Pokemon GO Wikis

Namely, GOPedia and Pokemon GO Wiki. The latter is clearly a lot more popular than the former at this point in time.

But why do we ever need one? After all, we’ve got a perfectly fine Pokemon wiki; it’s called Bulbapedia.

Pokemon GO Could Challenge Obesity Levels

By getting people outside and exercising more rather than playing games or apps on the sofa. See? The obesity crisis is solved!

Pokemon GO Developer Resources

Ever wanted to make a service that integrates with Pokemon GO? Or use the unofficial APIs for something interesting?

If so, this list of Pokemon GO developer resources could be just the thing.

Pokemon Go Dev Resources – Pokemon GO Dev Subreddit

How Pokemon GO Players Have Tried to Catch Ditto

As of this point, no one has found Ditto in Pokemon GO. Why?

Well, no one knows. He’s not legendary, he has a catch rate and theoretically should appear somewhere. So people are now trying all kinds of silly things to find this rare Pokemon. Including:

  • Messing around with the starter Pokemon
  • Naming Pokemon Ditto
  • Evolving Pokemon to achieve Ditto’s height and weight stats
  • Naming and evolving Pokemon associated with Ditto
  • Giving Pikachu names based on smiling faces…

And all kinds of other silly methods too. Sadly for the people trying them out, they’re working as well as looking under trucks did for finding Mew.

Eevee Trick Confirmed in Pokemon GO

On a more positive note, the Eevee naming trick does work in Pokemon GO. Niantic’s CEO John Henke has confirmed it:

Yeah, so, anybody got any Eevees out there? So yes, if you name your Eevee properly, you can control how it’s gonna evolve.” — John Hanke

Pokemon GO Player Swatted in Park

And now back to some depressing crime news, which seems to be common today. Pokemon GO streamer Summit1G was swatted by someone who called in a false terrorist threat in the park he was playing in. Here’s the video showing it happening:

God I hate people that do stuff like this.

Pokemon GO Players Shot At

As much as I hate scumbags like this individual. This woman has been charged for shooting at Pokemon GO players from a rooftop. Yeah, apparently things are so messed up that trying to snipe Pokemon players with a pellet gun is something that’s actually happening.

Gunman Shot by Pokemon GO Player He Tried to Rob

And talking of shootings, here’s a case where the attacker got more than he bargained for. He tried to rob a group of Pokemon Go players, but was shot when one of them had a concealed carry permit. Talk about strange stuff happening in Las Vegas!

So on that note, that’s the end of this Pokemon GO news round up. Hopefully things calm down a bit in the next week or two!


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