PlayStation Plus prices to increase

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the email but after a quicks search through Google it seems to be true. Sony’s PlayStation Plus service will be going up in price. This is however only for European and Australian gamers. I’m not sure how the new prices will compare to other countries such as those in the United States. The prices will go up at midnight on the 31st of August for European and Australian gamers. The email states that the prices will go up as follows:
Monthly membership will go up to £6.99 (usually £5.99)
Quarterly membership will rise to £19.99 (usually £14.99)
Yearly membership will rise to the price of a brand new game at £49.99 (usually £39.99)

The only good bit of news from this is that because it only is effective from midnight on the 31st of August, you can renew your membership for at least a year now and save at least £10. PlayStation Plus membership can be stacked on your account which means that if you are willing to, you can mass buy PlayStation Plus codes for 1 year and add them all to your account, although this method may be costly, it may end up saving you up to £10 per year.

The fact that these prices are going up in Europe and Australia suggests that Brexit is not to blame. I’m sure a lot of gamers in Europe and Australia will be incensed like I am because of this 25% price increase. Memberships in the United States cost around $59.99 which means that this may just be a price increase to make the prices more similar. I hope they are not increasing these prices because of increased costs of running this service because they don’t seem to have been improving any of their services at all especially considering how many times PlayStation Plus has been down the past 2 years. Hopefully, *fingers crossed* they do start actually taking the service seriously with these price increases and improve their infrastructure and security. And hopefully, the free monthly games as part of PlayStation Plus also improve considering that I am now paying the price of a brand new game every year.

The last price increase for the PlayStation Plus service was also for the United Kingdom in 2015, with South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and India also affected in 2014. Although, that time the price increase in the United Kingdom was only for the month and three month memberships.

What are your thoughts on these price increases? Will you be affected?


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