Pegaswitch and RetroArch Bring Retro Console Emulation to the Nintendo Switch

SMW Switch

A short while ago, it was mentioned that hackers had figured out how to get homebrew running on the Nintendo Switch. Because of this, it was only a matter of time before third party apps would start appearing on the system. Like say, emulators for other systems. Or amateur games of the kinds available on the 3DS and Wii.

And thanks to the Pegaswitch toolkit and RetroArch, that’s now indeed the case. The Switch has been hacked to play all kinds of interesting games. Like say, the NES library:

Or the equally expansive one for the SNES:

Heck, even Atari Jaguar games are running on the thing now!

It’s a pretty good start for a system that’s only been modded so recently.

However, our personal advice is still the same.

Wait. Don’t dive headfast into this homebrew stuff just yet.


Because the Nintendo Switch is still pretty damn new. After all, the system only came out early last year, and Nintendo’s got years of support lined up for it in the future.

As a result, it’s almost guaranteed that the exploits allowing these hacks will be patched soon. They have to be; Nintendo’s harsh on even the 3DS or Wii U getting hacked, let alone their prime console with millions of dollars placed in advertising.

And this means that anyone who hacks these systems will end up having to make a really tough choice. Do they keep the game on an old version of the firmware, hoping Switch games get cracked sometime in future?

Or do they update for say, Smash Bros and Pokémon and lose access to all that neat homebrew stuff that’s out there right now?

Cause you won’t be able to get both at once, and with the Switch being so new, it seems more practical to focus on the official stuff first and the fan made stuff later.

But hey, that’s just our opinion on the matter. If you want to try out this homebrew stuff already, you can find out more instructions on how to use it on the GBATemp forums in the obvious place.

Just don’t go complaining when you’re stuck unable to play Smash or Pokémon in a year or so time, okay?

Retro Games on Pegaswitch (GBATemp)


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