Peach’s Crown Has Eyes in Super Mario Odyssey Too?

Peach's Crown has Eyes

As everyone knows, Mario’s hat has eyes in Super Mario Odyssey. That’s because it’s actually possessed by a ghost like character called Cappy, whose abilities are the reason Mario can take over enemies and objects by throwing his cap at them.

But it seems Mario isn’t the only one to have a strange hat here. Oh no, Peach’s crown has something quite unusual too. Can you spot it in the picture below?

Peach's Wedding Invitation

Peach's Crown has Eyes

Yep, it’s got eyes just like Mario’s hat does. In fact, it seems pretty damn clear said crown is being controlled by another Cappy style ghost, complete with the same somewhat menacing look on its face.

And that raises an interesting question. Namely… is every character working with these hat ghosts in this game?

Because when you think about it, that would make a lot of sense here. I mean, why does Bowser have such a nice hat now? Why is he throwing it around like Oddjob from the James Bond films?

The answer is simply that he and Peach have the same abilities as Mario. He’s not trying to merely hit Mario with his hat. He’s trying to take over his body and get him killed that way. And for Peach?

Well, maybe that explains why she’s so willing to go along with this whole marriage thing. I mean, she never particularly liked Bowser that much. And back in Super Paper Mario when the same plot was used, Nastasia had to brainwash her into agreeing to the marriage deal at all.

So perhaps here her crown is what’s controlling her. Or at least, stopping her from objecting to Bowser’s marriage deal even more than usual.

But hey, what do you think? Does Peach’s Cappy like crown hint at some form of possession in this game? Is Bowser’s own hat another Cappy type ghost in hat form?

What is the deal with the eyes on Peach’s crown in this game?


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