Ocarina of Time 2D Isn’t Dead, Gets Second Trailer

Ocarina of Time 2D Title

Remember a while back, how we said the fan made Ocarina of Time 2D game was dead due to being shut down by Nintendo?

Well, it’s fair to say that we jumped the gun a bit with that post.  Why?  Because just a month or so ago, a new trailer was posted for the project showing all manner of new areas and features, like Goron City, Dodongo’s Cavern and Darunia’s dancing!  Here’s the video showing all this in action:

So the game’s not really dead, and development is still ongoing over at the official forum.  Heck, even the download page has been updated, albeit with a note that the demo is ‘coming this winter’!

However, we do not know when this new demo will be released.  The video?  Says nothing about it.  The forum topic?  Merely mentions that the demo will be available sometime soon and that the game is still in development.

And the rumoured Christmas Day release date?  Well, seems like that didn’t pan out, regardless of a certain optimistic comment by a site admin:

I’m not saying v.20 will release on Christmas, but also I’m not saying it won’t.

Either way, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 2D is still in development, and another demo will be released at some point in the foreseeable future.  Seems like you can’t keep a good Zelda fan game down!


V2.0 Trailer – Ocarina of Time 2D Forums


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4 years ago

Too bad Nintendo didn't do this for real, would have been cake compared to making a full 3D version.