Nintendo’s Offers NX To Splatoon Contest Winner!

Huh, seems like Nintendo’s planning to give out NX systems in quite a few contests now! I mean, first we had that t-shirt contest Shigeru Miyamoto was judging, which gave an NX to the winner. And now we’ve got a Splatoon tournament that’s doing the same!

But this won’t be an easy tournament to win. Oh no, it’s not a local tournament that takes place over a couple of hours.

Instead, it’s a full on professional competition run by Nintendo and eSports giant ESL. It’ll consist of six months worth of matches, which will culminate in a grand final next year. So yeah, think less ‘game shop contest’ and more ‘Pokemon World Championships’ style major event.

Either way, here’s Nintendo UK’s tweet about it:

As well as the page where you can sign up for the tournament:

Splatoon Europe Contest Page

So what are you waiting for Splatoon fans? Enter this today, and win that Nintendo NX system! You could even be one of the first people in the world to own one!


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4 years ago

Six months? That is really a long time and with so many possible things that can happen to a person that would make them drop out of it.