Zygarde Core has Two forms?

As we’ve posted about a couple of months ago, the Pokemon Zygarde is getting a few extra forms in an upcoming (yet still unknown) title.  Named Zygarde Core, Zygarde Cell, 10% Forme, 50% Forme and Complete, they range in design from a single celled organism to a humongous mecha style monster with Mega Evolution level stats.

But now, it seems like Game Freak may have even more plans for this legendary Pokemon.  Because you see, in a recent Japanese magazine, yet another form of Zygarde Core has been released, with minor differences from the normal version!  Here are some magazine pics:

corocoro2 corocoro1

Notice anything?  Well, how about the blue Zygarde Core in the top left corner?  Seems different from the normal one:




A different colour jewel like body with the area in question being a different shape?  Seems probable it could be another variant for a different version of the game.  So you’d have Zygarde X in Pokemon ZX and Zygarde Y in Pokemon ZY, with the minor differences possibly signifying a different set of stats.

So it seems we now have potential evidence for the Pokemon Z equivalent being two games, both with their own slightly different mascot.  What do you think about this idea?


The Pokemon Universe Actually Has Two Different Zygarde Cores – Gamnesia


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