Zelda 3DS Most Inventive Zelda Game Yet; Features a Dark World Too

Eiji Aonuma has just recently been interviewed by CNet about the next Zelda game on 3DS, The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past 2.  And while there’s already a fair amount we do know about the game thanks to Nintendo Direct, some of the things he mentions in this interview are quite interesting.

For example, it seems like the game will be very different to many other recent Zelda titles…

Mr. Aonuma was cautiously vague, but he explained that, with the introduction of a platform the Zelda franchise has yet to appear on, the game’s developers had a fresh canvas to work with. It’s this clean slate that was the driving force behind the decision to bring the classic top-down view of A Link to the Past to the 3DS.

Where in the past a game would normally need to be first constructed in a 3D world, the diorama-esque visuals of the 3DS have been able to breathe new life into environments that have become all but extinct in the last 20 years.

Or in other words, it feels different because the 3DS hardware allows it to be so.  And because 2D Zelda games in general feel very different to 3D ones due to their different perspective and gameplay (presumably this one will feature more exploration and combat in the style of the SNES title).


Above: 2D + the 3DS makes for a very new experience.

The article also confirms the game will feature both a Light and Dark World.  So anyone wondering whether this crucial feature of the original game is being brought back now… well you have your answer.  It mostly certainly is.

And like some other Zelda games in the past, the 3DS sequel will alternate between a light and dark world.

Aonuma also mentions the inspiration from Link’s wall drawing ability came from the Phantom Ganon battle in Ocarina of Time, which is an interesting thing to consider.  They literally thought it’d be cool if Link had the same ability as a boss in a previous game and could use it explore the overworld more.

Link Drawing

Above: Link’s wall painting abilities are inspired by the Phantom Ganon fight from Ocarina of Time.

Phantom Ganon Battle

Above: The original inspiration for it.

Finally, there’s also mention of how the 3D is needed for the full experience.  As in, the game is still fun without it, but the 3D effect makes it even better.  That kind of worries me a tad, almost like they’re trying to cram in random additional 3D puzzles like those in Super Mario 3D Land.  I hope not.

For more on what Aonuma had to say about the game and more information on what it’s like, check out the original CNet article at the source link below.  It’s a pretty good read:



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7 years ago

Most inventive yet? So by that you mean reusing the same overworld and reusing at least one boss and item? By the way it looks, it just seems to be a “second quest” for LttP. Same oveworld and different dungeons.

Believe me, this drawing gimick is going to get old fast.

7 years ago
Reply to  Michael

So you want the same 3d zelda everytime instead of something different? The ”gimmick” is actually a puzzle solving mechanic. I feel it is better than the different suits, Farore’s Wind in LoZ: OoT. Need to learn the definition of gimmick.

Thank you Nintendo, for never visiting comment sections like these.

7 years ago
Reply to  Silent

No, I want a new Zelda with a new environment that I’m going to have fun exploring. “So you want the same 3d zelda everytime instead of something different?” Asking for a completely new map instead of a reused one is the complete opposite. I’ve beaten LttP a thousand times so I’m going to know this landscape off by heart since they’re just reusing it. Gimmick: “A trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.” AKA this drawing thing. People are going to want to see how it works so they buy the game. They’re then going to… Read more »