Zelda 3DS and Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Lots More Footage!

Not yet satisfied with the footage shown in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct?  Well now we’ve got a whole ton of new footage of both Zelda 3DS and Mario & Luigi Dream Team from various websites.  First up, here’s some footage from Game Explain:

And some from Games Radar:

Zelda 3DS


Mario & Luigi Dream Team


Some footage from Nintendo World Report:

Zelda 3DS

Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Additionally, Kotaku have also uploaded some footage showing a boss battle from Zelda 3DS:


And IGN have some video footage of the games too:

IGN’s Zelda 3DS Coverage

IGN’s Mario & Luigi Dream Team Coverage

Finally, here’s Adam Sessler’s thoughts on the new Zelda game:

Hopefully this shows you more of the games.  There’s a lot of good video here, it’s definitely worth checking out each and every one of these videos.