Yoshi’s New Island Retcons Original Yoshi’s Island Game?

And by retcon, I don’t mean ‘changes a few minor things about the game’s story’.  Nor ‘recaps everything’ in the same way as Yoshi’s Island DS. I mean actually rewrites the ending of said title.


By making it so Mario and Luigi aren’t delivered to their parents at the end of the original game.  As for how it does this, well…

Like this:

The game apparently starts out showing the ending from the original game, then has the Mario ‘family’ say that Mario and Luigi aren’t their children and the Stork turning out to have screwed up and brought the duo to the wrong house.  Yes really.  Because apparently, three traumatic events involving the young Mario and Luigi (both Yoshi’s Island games and Mario & Luigi Partners in Time) weren’t quite enough for them, and now we get to see them realise they were dropped off at the wrong house.

So not only do we get to see Artoon get another chance at making a Yoshi game, we get to see them maul the hell out of any Mario ‘canon’ too, just in case Mario fans wanted another reason to absolutely hate the company.  Still, at least they explain why this is called Yoshi’s New Island.  It’s because it takes place on Floating Egg Island, a second home for the Yoshis and a place Bowser wants to turn into a resort.  Yeah, doesn’t that sound familiar?

I guess the warning was right, Artoon/Arzest are the next Phillips/CD-i!  Koopa Hotels, ripping apart Mario ‘canon’ and classics, lazy art styles and production values, poor level design… All we need now are a reference to IM Meen and a comment about checking out the enclosed instruction book, and we’ve got the set!




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Actually it’ll likely make the canon make more sense.

Mario was supposed to have grown up in Brooklyn, it would make no sense for his home to be in the Mushroom World. Hopefully, the ending will stick by that.


Yeah, still don’t like the concept of ‘Floating Egg Island’.

Oath 2 Order
Oath 2 Order

Don’t care about the story for this. The first Yoshi’s Island was my first video game ever. Can’t wait for this game.


Dude…you don’t need to get so mad about it. As long as the game is actually good, I’m totally alright with this.