Yoshi’s New Island; More Videos!

Thanks to NintenDaan on Youtube and Nintendo World Report, there are now a ton of new videos about the game with up to 20 minutes of new level footage!  So if you want to see the level/boss videos for yourself, keep reading the full post…

Here they are:

Most of them show off world 1 and 2 (and hence show off the easy early game content), but there are some videos of later worlds here too.  Some interesting things I’ve noticed in these videos are:

  • Kamek is actually fought as a boss, which is a first for the Yoshi’s Island series (he’s always appeared as an invincible enemy in the other games).
  • The skiing Yoshi form is now a proper transformation complete with the same time limit mechanic.
  • The Yoshi forms present have new, more vehicle like designs compared to those from the SNES and DS games.

Either way, I guess these videos make me cautiously optimistic about this title now.

So what do you think about these videos of Yoshi’s New Island?




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7 years ago

why why why does nintendo let this developer continue to tarnish the yoshi’s island brand…. those rock textures in the underwater level that are cut out at the top….awful. and why on earth do we not have sprites the look like the artwork when the 3ds is completely capable of it, instead we get this crude poorly animated yoshi…. such a bummer