Yet More Info about Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon!

It’s mostly minor details this time around, since it’s only the few points that can be gleamed from IGN’s preview of the game.  But they do give quite a few hints into how the game works and the change in series direction since the original game, so let’s look at the new information regardless:

Professor E Gadd has invented a new gadget called the ‘Pixellator’ that’s used to zap Luigi from the laboratory to the mansions.  I’m guessing this is meant to do away with an actual map and explain how Luigi can reach each of the myriad haunted houses in a much shorter time than he otherwise would.

Luigi's Mansion Laboratory

Apparently E Gadd doesn’t stay quiet either, IGN also mentions that keeps interrupting in some of the earlier missions and constantly offers advice and information. Not sure I like the sound of that, doesn’t Nintendo realise how absolutely hated this kind of thing made Fi in The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword?  And it’s a haunted house exploration game, the one type that probably shouldn’t have an annoying helper interrupting every two minutes.

The game’s also played as being more slapstick in tone than the original Luigi’s Mansion, with the game giving Luigi lots of comical expressions and the ghosts doing all kind of crazy things.  Seems pretty good if you ask me, you can’t really just have a game with a dead serious attitude all throughout, and I don’t think an overly grim and dark feel really works for an entire video game.  The new change in series direction therefore sounds like it’s probably for the best.

Ghost Library

Finally, the preview points out that coins and treasure are hidden everywhere and there are an absolute ton of different secrets and hidden areas in this game.  So in other words, it has much the depth of the original game and gives you plenty of incentives to return to each mansion and try and reach the treasure you couldn’t get the first time around.

Well, that’s all IGN have to say about Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon in their latest preview.  It’s not much, but it is nice to know the game still has the huge array of hidden goodies found in the original and that you can actually get lost in these mansions even despite the new mission structure.

What do you think about this information?  Does it make Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon seem like a great game, or does any of it worry you in any way?


Getting Lost in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon – IGN