Yet Another Mario Kart 7 Glitch/Shortcut; Neo Bowser City Broken!

Looks like it’s time Nintendo started thinking about another patch or something, since with this and the Daisy Cruiser glitch, we’ve nearly got as many working glitches now as we did before.  Still, it’s another major shortcut, this time cutting off as much as 10 seconds from the lap time.  Here’s a video:

As you can see, the player lands on top of the roof and boosts upwards to the section of the level just prior to the sharp turns and final tunnel, cutting out a fairly major chunk of the track in the process.  It’s not quite as broken as Wuhu Mountain Loop’s glitch was, but it’s definitely in the same league as the ones at Bowser Castle 1 and Wuhu Island Loop, and it doesn’t even require you to fall off the track to complete it.

So yes, that’s yet another Mario Kart 7 track completely broken and soon to be unusable on wifi.  Seems like Nintendo rushing the game and not testing properly has really come back to haunt them…