Why Voice Chat isn’t in The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes

Brace yourselves people, this is going to sound really, really stupid.

It sounds stupid because yes, this is Nintendo’s actual reasoning for why voice chat wasn’t included in a co-op multiplayer game.  No, it apparently has nothing to do with trolling, harassment or anything similar.  Nor does it have to do with cost, technology or anything reasonable.  The answer?  This:

Yes, we did (consider voice chat). With voice chat, what we would see is a highlight in the difference of experience levels between the players. Higher players would tell lower players what to do, and lower players would wonder why they’re being told what to do.

We’re really not sure what to say at this point.  I mean, they don’t like the idea of voice chat because newer players might think they’re idiots?  That seems like a pretty stupid reason if you ask us, even by Nintendo standards.


If you seriously cannot take the idea of someone telling you what to do (in a video game or otherwise)… you really cannot function in modern day society.  You may just replace speech with Luigi’s Mansion 2 quotes if that’s your reasoning.  Can’t go ‘wrong’ with the likes of ‘Hey’, ‘Over here’, Good Job’ and ‘Help Help’!

What do you think about this rather half assed, hilariously stupid reasoning for not including voice chat in Triforce Heroes?


Nintendo on Voice Chat in Triforce Heroes – GoNintendo


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