Who’s Your Favourite Fire Emblem Awakening Character? Nintendo Opens Voting…

Yes, Nintendo have now started an official poll for Fire Emblem Awakening fans and are asking people who their favourite Fire Emblem Awakening characters are.  Here’s the poll on their 3DS Facebook page:


And here’s the list of characters you can choose from:

  1. Chrom
  2. Lissa
  3. Emmeryn
  4. Fredricl
  5. Sumia
  6. Kellam
  7. Lon’qu
  8. Marth
  9. Stahl
  10. Sully
  11. Miriel
  12. Vaike
  13. Ricken
  14. Maribelle
  15. Basilo
  16. Flavia
  17. Panne
  18. Virion
  19. Cordelia
  20. Donnel
  21. Anna
  22. Tiki
  23. Say’ri
  24. Gaius
  25. Tharja
  26. Olivia
  27. Nowi
  28. Libra
  29. Henry
  30. Gregor
  31. Cherche
  32. Gangrel
  33. Aversa
  34. Walhart
  35. Validar

Yeah, I have no absolutely no idea who most of these people are, but I guess the Fire Emblem Awakening fans out there must have some favourites, right?  And given how often they come up in discussion elsewhere, I’m going to assume Chrom, Marth and maybe Anna are going to end up coming fairly high in the results list (after all, people are wanting for Super Smash Bros. That’s got to mean something).

So who’s your favourite Fire Emblem Awakening character?  And regardless of who it is, have you gone and voted for them on in the official poll?




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