Well Nintendo, Guess That Girls Channel isn’t a Good Idea…

Yeesh. Considering that Nintendo has a pretty good reputation for mostly not being seen as overly sexist or whatever (possible outside of Princess Peach as a character), you just have to wonder what idiot thought this marketing campaign was a good idea.

Basically, it’s an extremely stereotypical attempt to appeal to women in the form of a ‘Nintendo Girls Club’.  Complete with copious amounts of bright pink in the colour scheme, an extensive focus on traditionally ‘feminine’ games like Style Savvy and even a giant icon of Princess Peach’s crown for the avatar.  As you may have guessed, this hasn’t gone down well…

Here’s the link to the channel on Youtube:


As you’ll quickly notice, it’s been received pretty poorly.  Indeed, this ‘announcement video’ literally has more than double the dislikes than likes:

Clearly, Nintendo missed one obvious thing.  Namely the fact that with all the social justice stuff on social networking sites, marketing somewhat moving on in the last ten years and all the discussion about sexism in video games (brought about in part by the Tropes vs Women in Video games series), trying to make your products appeal to ‘girls’ by having them in bright pink colour schemes and with a general focus on ‘simplicity’ comes across as absolutely patronising.

It’s even worse given that this is a Nintendo UK advertising campaign, since it’s a region in which people’s opinions of Nintendo are already at rock bottom.  Are they honestly trying to make their public image seem even worse in this region?  Because from what the reactions online say, they’re doing a pretty good job of that.

But what do you think of this campaign?  Decent?  Absolutely insulting?  Potentially something that shows how completely out of touch Nintendo’s UK/European marketing teams are?




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Michael Ocampo
Michael Ocampo
6 years ago

I personally think it’s just fine as it is with one channel hosting everybody but what do any of the girls think about this?