Watch out for this new Mario & Luigi Dream Team Glitch!

When it comes to game breaking bugs, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be having a good year recently.  You’ve got ScareScraper bugs in Luigi’s Mansion 2 that cause keys to vanish, people getting locked out final battles and even that nasty gyroscope bug in Mario & Luigi Dream Team that no one seems to have found the cause for.

And now, another game breaking glitch has been found in the game.  Behold, the results of a giant battle bug.  One that causes the game to become unwinnable by mistake because Mario ends up off screen at the end:

As you can see, Mario’s nowhere to be seen and the game can’t progress.  The player can enter menus, save the game or do other such things, but they can’t go anywhere or exit the dream world again.  It’s pretty damn bad.

So what caused this?  Well according to the finder (allstar64 on the GameFAQs forums), he somehow managed to save the game as the screen was rotating back to normal after the giant battle with Mount Pajamaja.  Presumably the save button (usually disabled in these instances) somehow glitched out and worked for a frame or two by mistake.

This then somehow flung Mario out the playable game world, at which point the game got stuck in this ‘soft locked’ state as shown above.    Cue one perfectly good save file (with about 20 hours worth of progress) getting pretty much destroyed and made unusable.  It’s absolutely shameful to think that something like this got through the quality assurance team, especially at  a company like Nintendo.  Guess that Mario Club took a day off then…

What do you think of this game breaking glitch?  Are you surprised and a bit shocked it occurred in a game like this?


4 thoughts on “Watch out for this new Mario & Luigi Dream Team Glitch!”

  1. It does seem like Nintendo is worse about catching bugs now than in the past, or at least has not gotten better about it. Animal Crossing: New Leaf seems to have more bugs than the previous handheld game Wild World for example. There was even a game breaking glitch in Skyward Sword. At least now, they can patch games, but they need to be more proactive about it.

    1. To be fair, they’ve always had quite a few problems with glitches breaking games. See, Pokemon Red and Blue, which were broken to hell and back. Or Mario Kart 64. Or some others. And Mario Kart DS had that one very awkward glitch in the Luigi’s Mansion track that completely locked up the game when you turned around in the ‘wrong’ place. That was just… quality control not being done at all.

      But there definitely are more bugs to a degree. Probably because Nintendo seems to be rushing their recent games and isn’t spending the same amount of time and effort on actually testing them before release.

      1. The first generation of pokemon was so broken it’s not even funny, and
        the random bottle adventure bug in Ocarina of Time is another ridiculous
        one that wasn’t even totally fixed in the remake. However those 2 bugs
        were not exactly game breaking in less you really went out of your way
        to mess something up (like catching a glitched Pokemon). But a glitch
        like the one mentioned in this article, it’s so hard to avoid because
        the cause is unknown and it just happens when simply trying to
        progress. So true some games just failed miserably in terms of
        glitches, but nowadays that really shouldn’t happen anymore.

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