Watch November 2015’s Nintendo Direct!

As per the many other Nintendo Directs in the past, this year’s presentation will be streamed online and viewable on any website that embeds the code for it. So if you’re wanting a convenient way to watch the different versions (or even all three at once), you’ll be able to do so by viewing the videos below. Click the read more button to find out more!

First up, here’s the North American Nintendo Direct stream:”

And now, the UK/European one…

Finally, the Japanese Direct:

You can also apparently watch it live in the Nintendo World Store, if you prefer seeing the thing in front of a horde of other Nintendo fans in the middle of New York City:

So yeah, tons of ways to watch this one! Are you watching it via Gaming Reinvented, their official site or somewhere else?

Edit: Why doesn’t Twitch just get an SSL certificate already? It’s 2015, not 1990. Click on the links to view, since apparently they can’t be bothered to offer secure embeds/streaming.


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