Wario Forums Launches!

It’s the first ever message board/internet community dedicated specifically to the Wario series (both Wario Land and WarioWare)!

So why have I decided to launch a new forum about this series?  Why is the design over the top?  Well, keep reading and you’ll find out!

Let’s start with why I decided to launch the forum/site…

1. Why a Wario site?

Because nothing out there exists.  And for as somewhat mediocre as the site’s visual design is (blame that on the fact I’m not a designer, more a web developer), it’s pretty much the only thing out for the series at this moment in time.

That’s kind of depressing really.  We’ve got a series in which near enough every game sells at least a million copies and which has been running for nigh on 20 years, and not one forum or website purely dedicated to covering or discussing it.




Above: What you get for ‘wario forums’ in Google.  Dead sections of large sites, a Mario Wiki page about a game and the odd topic on another one.  There’s no dedicated community ‘hub’ here.

How bad is this comparatively speaking?

Well, the Yoshi series has at least three forums and websites about it.  Fire Emblem has four or five minimum.  Heck, even Earthbound/Mother has multiple websites about it.


Above: Yoshi at least has Yoshi Lore (and used to have the Yoshi Forum Network and Yoshi Art).  Where’s Wario’s community?

So the message is clear.  Wario needs his own fan site/forum/blog.  The series needs at least ONE place where people can go to discuss the games starring him and his friends, and it desperately needs something resembling a fandom.  Hence why I decided to set one up.  After all, if no one else will, why shouldn’t I?

2. What do you eventually hope to achieve with this?

Some sort of Wario series fanbase.  Because at this present point in time, there literally is none online.


Above: Somehow, the Mario Movie has more of an online fanbase than Wario.  Let’s see if we can fix this…

What I’m hoping however is that by the end of this year (or even sooner), I can get the Wario fanbase from stage 1 on the Fandom Life Cycle (see TV Tropes if you don’t know what that is) all the way to the stage the Zelda, Pokemon or Metroid fanbase is at.  The point where not only does at least one active series specific forum exist, but that fan art, fiction, fan games, game mods and other stuff exist based on the series as well.

  • Stage 1: Relative obscurity. Fans are disjointed and have little communication. Claims of “It Needs More Love” are heard.
  • Stage 2: Fans begin to communicate and form clubs that will become the devoted core of the fandom. Troper Critical Mass is usually reached at this stage. Cult Classics remain here forever.
  • Stage 3: Fandom heads towards mainstream. Hatedom forms as a Vocal Minority, and the fandom is too small to drown them out. Most creators start paying attention to the fandom at this stage.

Above: The fact Wario Land and WarioWare are still at phase 1 on the Fandom Life Cycle is rather worrying.

Basically, I want the series to eventually have a strong, unified fandom with some sort of ‘official’ online presence.  And the sooner that’s the case the better.

So those are my reasons for the site.  Here’s the current site link:


I hope any Wario fans out there (that don’t already know about the project) will join and help this forum become the first ever dedicated community for discussion of the series.  Because whether you like it or not, the series is currently in deep trouble, and only a strong fanbase/fandom can help it survive and become more successful in the foreseeable future.



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