Wait, Kid Icarus Uprising news on Nintendo Direct?

Considering the game is already out in most/all regions, I have to wonder exactly what Nintendo is going to be saying about it at Nintendo Direct.  Because you see, Masahiro Sakurai said there’d be some news related to Kid Icarus Uprising on Twitter.  He said:

Nintendo Direct、『新・パルテナ』ネタもやります。お楽しみに! #NintendoDirect

Or ‘News about Kid Icarus Uprising to be announced at Nintendo Direct’, if you loosely figure it out from Google Translate.

But with the game already released, what is there to say about the game? My guess, something akin to one of these things:

  1. There’s downloadable content planned
  2. There’s a sequel planned for the Wii U some time in the future
  3. The game is going to get released in Korea/China/somewhere else (unlikely, it’s referring to the Japanese version of Nintendo Direct, and the Japanese don’t particularly care about video games from those countries)

Still, it’s an interesting situation, you don’t generally have ‘news’ or ‘information’ about already available Nintendo games shared at these events, do you? It’d be like if Nintendo said the conference was going to be about Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, people would wonder the what hell there is to discuss.

But what do you think will be mentioned regarding Kid Icarus Uprising at the conference/presentation tomorrow?


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