Wait, GAME won’t be offering Treasure Chest as Link Between Worlds Pre-order Gift?

Okay, this is more than a little weird.  Remember how a while back we said that GAME was offering a musical treasure chest gift with pre-ordered copies of The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds?  Well it seems like that’s not quite the case!

Yes, despite Nintendo UK actually naming GAME as the retailer who’ll be offering said deal, GAME themselves have now turned around and said they’re not offering ANY pre-order gift with the game! 

Here are their Tweets about the subject:

Which completely contradicts what Nintendo UK have said on their Twitter account. Here, read it for yourself:

That clearly names GAME as the store you get the gift from, which contradicts with GAME’s own announcements. So who’s right here? Nintendo UK, who says that pre-ordering Link Between Worlds with GAME will get you a musical treasure chest gift? Or GAME themselves who say you won’t get a musical treasure chest gift for pre-ordering, but hint they’ll be trying to find a different ‘bonus’ to offer?

Does anyone else have any ideas about what’s going on here?


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8 years ago

Maybe some tension between Nintendo and GAME over Pokemon x & y being released early or Nintendo want it for their new store maybe?