Vote King K Rool for Super Smash Bros 4!

Or as the Twitter hashtag going around now says, #KrockTheVote.  Yes, it’s not even a single day past the previous Nintendo Direct, and we’ve already got a presidential style campaign about King K Rool getting in as a DLC in Super Smash Bros.  Here are some… pretty cool highlights: A Japanese picture going around showing support for K Rool in Super Smash Bros. An amusing campaign video from a user on DK Vine, featuring a fictional leader of a military dictatorship backing the K Rool for Smash Bros campaign.

And finally, an English version of the Japanese picture. So yes people. Vote for K Rool in Super Smash Bros 4! Get us the DLC newcomer we truly deserve, and a Smash Bros game to remember! Cast your vote for King K Rool here:


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6 years ago

He was the first one I voted for! Along with KKR, I voted Tom Nook and Ice Climbers. Will probably vote about 50 more characters though ._.