Turkish TV Channel Associates GTA Cheat Codes With Coup?

Well, seems like at least some media group can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality!

Why? Because as the title suggests, they thought a bunch of GTA cheat codes are associated with the recent Turkish coup. Here’s the video showing them making the hilarious blunder:

And do you know what’s even worse here?

There’s pretty much no sane way anyone can get these mixed up. I mean, look at the document. It actually says ‘GTA IV’ at the top of it. Even an English speaker can probably figure out what these are for!

And after translating them, it just becomes even more obvious. The codes are all labelled things like ‘health and weapon’, ‘health and armour’ and ‘helicopter’. These make no sense as real codes, but map perfectly to the codes found here:

Grand Theft Auto IV Cheat Codes

With the ones in the document being the ones listed here:

  • 482-555-0100 – Restore health, armour and ammo
  • 362-555-0100 – Restore armour
  • 486-555-0100 – Get a selection of weapons

They’re all listed in Turkish, but the actual codes are identical. Either way, it’s blatantly clear to a Turkish speaker that this is a list of game cheat codes. So anyone who misunderstands this has absolutely no knowledge of gaming whatsoever. Or of actual secret codes for that matter.

Still, there is one bright side. Namely, they did release a correction video:

So yeah, I’ll give them props for accepting their mistake. It’s still pathetic they messed this up, but it’s nice to see someone issue a correction in a situation like this. I mean, it’s better than digging in deeper like certain media outlets would do…

But what do you think? Is it hilarious how little this Turkish news agency knows about video games?


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