Totaka’s Song is in Animal Crossing New Leaf

Well, here’s some interesting information about Animal Crossing New Leaf, as taken from an interview about the game:

TOTAKA: Hello. My name is Totaka and I am joining you in London from NCL in Kyoto. I was the Sound Director for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Did you know the KK Slider character is based on me? I’d like to play something for you.

[Totaka plays the Animal Crossing theme on his guitar, then plays Totaka’s Song]

Totaka’s Song is also hidden in Animal Crossing: New Leaf somewhere. I hope you enjoy finding it when you play the game. Thank you for listening to my performance. Goodbye.

If you don’t know what Totaka’s Song is, it’s a short song hidden in every single game by Kazumi Totaka.  First found in Mario Paint, this 19 note song is used as said composer’s signature tune and is in a long list of Nintendo games.  Here’s some examples:

A full list of where the song can be found so far can be seen here:

And now it’s been confirmed the song is hidden in Animal Crossing New Leaf somewhere too.  Can you find it?  Will it be found soon?  What do you think?


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8 years ago

Hey, someone found it in the JPN version!