Time for another Mario Kart 7 Update?

It’s been quite a while since the last one was released that fixed Maka Wuhu, Wuhu Island Loop and Bowser Castle 1, but is it now time for another Mario Kart update to fix the new glitches people have found since then?

Because as of this point in time, the amount of glitch shortcuts found in the game has absolutely soared upwards, so perhaps it’s time to fix some of the new ones people are taking advantage of online.  Like the Neo Bowser City shortcut:

The Luigi’s Mansion shortcut:

The Daisy Cruiser shortcut…

Heck, might as well fix the old ones in Shy Guy Bazaar, DK Jungle and Koopa Cape too, they’re not exactly the easiest or most useful to pull off, but they’re still glitches certain players might be abusing in high VR rooms.

In fact, isn’t it funny how there are more glitches and shortcuts people can use now than there were before the patch was even released?  Most of the ones shown above are even as effective as the non Wuhu Mountain Loop glitches Nintendo patched the first time around, or sometimes even more so.

So is it time Nintendo released another patch?  Because we’ve now got at least six major shortcut glitches in the game that people are using in online multiplayer and what seems like another few that have only been found recently (there’s a few promising findings in Maple Treeway for example).  If Nintendo doesn’t want this game to end up like it was before when Maka Wuhu was picked every second race, then they should definitely be thinking of patching these to avoid the likes of Daisy Cruiser, Neo Bowser City and Luigi’s Mansion becoming glitch user havens and seen every few races for easy VR.


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