Theatrhythm Final Fantasy heads to iOS

Or in other words, Square Enix’s music game heads to the iPhone and other apple devices and will soon be available to download from the app store.  Somewhat interestingly, while the 3DS is sold for full price with most of the songs included off the bat, the iOS one is free with the songs themselves being purchasable for a price of about a dollar.

It also has a new game mode called the Quest Medleys Mode.  Here’s hoping this ends up coming to the 3DS version as either a free patch or downloadable content.

But what do you think of this?  Is it a bit depressing that Square Enix is making their 3DS title available on Apple devices for free and that the game isn’t a 3DS exclusive any more?  Or are you happy with the deal and think the game will be well suited for a low cost app?


Theatrythm Final Fantasy – iTunes


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