Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Announced for US and Europe, English screens here

Yes, the game has finally been announced for the US and Europe, and will be getting fully translated and released there this year.  Apparently it’ll be coming out in summer 2012 in the US and September 2012 in Europe.

Here are some screenshots of the game in English:

Oh palette swaps?  Wow, real show of originality there, isn’t it?

Some artwork:

Nice artwork I have to admit, it almost looks cute.

Finally, the game’s English logo.  Guess they plan to keep the same rather awkward name (how is anyone meant to pronounce or write down Theatrhythm anyway?  It doesn’t even seem to be a real world…)

I also fear they might have trouble marketing this game in the US and Europe, the visual style is pretty much the complete opposite of what generally sells (aka cartoon styled and very Japanese looking), the name’s awkward to remember and makes no sense to most people and the game’s genre itself is one that barely sells.  But hey, the more games the merrier, and if it’s a decent game it deserves to be released over here anyway.

What do you think of this game getting an English release?


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