The New Link Between Worlds Villain is Called Yuga

That’s the name of the Ganon clone from the trailers and screenshots anyway. You know, the one who everyone thought might have been either a new Ganon form or the same character in disguise.

Here are a few pictures in case you can’t remember who it is:

evil wizard

As you can see, he or she looks a lot like a parallel version of Ganondorf, perhaps his female clone.  What’s its role?  Possibly to revive Ganon himself by kidnapping Zelda and bringing her to Lorule to use as part of a magic spell or procedure.  Or just King Boo style ‘trapping people in paintings’.

Here’s the source for this info:

So that’s the name of our new main villain. Do you like it? Have any ideas what it might mean? Either way, post your opinions in a comment here or over at Nintendo 3DS today!


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8 years ago

I have to admit the official art for this guy makes him look pretty badass. If he is a “guy” that is…