The Mysterious Murasame Castle coming to the West for the first time!

Remember Takamaru, the ninja character a certain mini game in Nintendo Land is based on?  The one whose inclusion in Super Smash Bros 4 some people have been calling for recently?

Well, in an interesting turn of events that no one ever expected, his sole Nintendo game is being rereleased on the 3DS Virtual Console.  And hence for the first time ever, said game is now going to be available to buy outside of Japan!

Want to find out more?  If so, keep reading!

The Mysterious Murasame Castle will be available to buy on the 3DS Virtual Console from 29th of May 2014.  It’ll retail at a price of £4.49, and will hence be available one whole year after the game’s Japanese release date at roughly the same time in 2013.  Here’s a trailer showing the game in action:

So yes. Now the game’s being released outside of Japan for the first time, is anyone here going to try it out? Is anyone interested in seeing what exactly Takamaru’s Ninja Castle was based on?



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8 years ago

Hint at takamaru in smash?