The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes Announced

In a move sure to surprise even the most dedicated Zelda fans, Nintendo have announced a whole new game in the much acclaimed series!

Named The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes and destined to be released in Autumn this year, the game plays out much like the Four Swords series did on the GBA and Gamecube, with three Links teaming up to conquer creative new dungeons and bring down the forces of evil.

So what new features are there this time?

Well, there seems to be a new ‘totem’ ability, where the Links can stack on top of each other to reach new heights and solve puzzles.  There’s also this weird ‘costume’ thing going on where loot can be used to get new outfits to dress the characters in.  Quite literally too, you can actually make Link wear Zelda’s dress as an item…

Other interesting things to note in this game are:

  • The whole three players thing.  We can understand having four player co-op, but why just three?  Seems rather like an arbitary number intended just to be ‘different’.
  • The game’s art style is based on A Link Between Worlds.  A very good choice indeed if you ask us, certainly a pleasant change from either more cel shading or another Minish Cap style aesthetic.
  • The paper dolls as partners gimmick in single player mode is like the AI Link you go with in the Anniversary Edition Four Swords game.
  • Players having a shared lifebar… this could be awkward.  If you’re playing with a bunch of complete idiots, your lifebar will probably go in about 30 seconds.

And that’s the game, at least as much as we know about it.  Here’s some media of it…




What do you think about The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes for the 3DS?  Are you a fan of the Four Swords style gameplay, or would you have preferred a more traditional single player Zelda experience?


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