The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes; New Preview Trailer

Released just a few hours or so ago, below is a trailer for the Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes showing various aspects of the game’s story, characters, multiplayer system and outfits. Here it is:

So what’s interesting here? Well, for one thing, the alternate world seems to be named Hytopia. It’s about as creative a name as Lorule was, but hey, it makes some sense given the game and story.

Talking of the game and story, it was already looking a bit threadbare once word came out that the princess was called ‘Styla’ and the king called ‘King Tuft’. And with this trailer? Yeah, it looks about as hilarious narmy as possible, complete with the king even crying in time to the music.

The gameplay looks interesting enough, with the three Links having to do various things at the same time or in sequence to complete the different puzzles. For instance, they have to toss a ball like object around while standing on three specially laid out pillars to open a gate. Kind of like the doors operated by moving your sword a certain way in Skyward Sword then. Other puzzles including firing projectiles at the same obstacle at the same time (in other words, like in Four Swords and the Minish Cap) and tossing the other Links across gaps and onto higher platforms.

If that sounds a little familiar to you… well I guess you’ve played Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. Or maybe the Mario & Luigi series, where just about the exact same ‘gimmick’ was used in the same way. Almost every idea this game has seems to have been done better by someone else, whether that’s multiple characters (Four Swords, Minish Cap, Mario 3D World), tossing characters around (Donkey Kong Country and Mario & Luigi) or a fashion/costume basis (lots of games involving Amiibos and Mii costumes, as well as maybe Wario Master of Disguise).

But either way, it looks like a decent enough way to kill time while waiting for the real next Zelda title on Wii U. Just one that doesn’t really live up to the rest of the Zelda series and its pedigree.


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