The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes; Media and Footage

Just the usual additional media for Tri Force Heroes, as taken from various official sources. First up, some cool video footage showing various mechanics, costumes and gameplay elements in the game:

As you can see, there are some pretty cool things there.  I especially like how the Goron costume is a reference to Majora’s Mask with the whole walk through lava thing, or how the archer one is based on Robin Hood for rather obvious reasons (the fact Link’s own normal costume seems to be based on his might also factor into it).

And here’s some other interesting media.  Continue reading if you want to see it all!


zelda-tri-force-heroes-2 zelda-tri-force-heroes-31 zelda-tri-force-heroes-10 zelda-tri-force-heroes-48

So we’ve got the item lady, the guard captain, a smug looking kid and the witch character who supposedly happens to be the villain in this game.

Well, that’s a bit different I guess.  We don’t usually have female villains in the Zelda series (I think Veran may have been the only one to ever appear), so that’s new.  Oh, and two more characters, from the official site:


The king and the princess.  Apparently, the witch’s curse made the princess get permanently stuck wearing a onesie or something.  Yes, that’s the actual plot.  The Zelda Wiki page for the game literally says she’s been ‘cursed to wear a very bad outfit she can’t take off’.

Excuse plots everyone!  If you want to see it for yourself:




Only a small sample so far, but the official site should be updated with the rest in due time.

zelda-tri-force-heroes-11 zelda-tri-force-heroes-12 zelda-tri-force-heroes-13 zelda-tri-force-heroes-14 zelda-tri-force-heroes-15 zelda-tri-force-heroes-16 zelda-tri-force-heroes-17 zelda-tri-force-heroes-18 zelda-tri-force-heroes-19 zelda-tri-force-heroes-20 zelda-tri-force-heroes-21 zelda-tri-force-heroes-22 zelda-tri-force-heroes-23 zelda-tri-force-heroes-24 zelda-tri-force-heroes-25 zelda-tri-force-heroes-26

zelda-tri-force-heroes-27 zelda-tri-force-heroes-3 zelda-tri-force-heroes-4 zelda-tri-force-heroes-5 zelda-tri-force-heroes-6 zelda-tri-force-heroes-7 zelda-tri-force-heroes-8 zelda-tri-force-heroes-9

As you can see, quite the variety there. The Hammer Bro costume looks a bit out of place in Zelda to be honest though, and I’m not sure what the purpose of a cheerleader costume even is here (except maybe for comic relief value).

But hey, you can’t say Nintendo skimps on the costume variety, can you?


Because every variant of a bomb, boomerang and hammer needs new official art apparently.  But hey, they’re FANCY looking items!

zelda-tri-force-heroes-28 zelda-tri-force-heroes-29 zelda-tri-force-heroes-30 zelda-tri-force-heroes-32 zelda-tri-force-heroes-33 zelda-tri-force-heroes-34 zelda-tri-force-heroes-36 zelda-tri-force-heroes-40 zelda-tri-force-heroes-41 zelda-tri-force-heroes-44

Link Poses

I love these.  They make fantastic forum and social network avatars given Link’s exaggerated facial expressions.

zelda-tri-force-heroes-47 zelda-tri-force-heroes-46 zelda-tri-force-heroes-45 zelda-tri-force-heroes-43 zelda-tri-force-heroes-42 zelda-tri-force-heroes-39 zelda-tri-force-heroes-38 zelda-tri-force-heroes-37 zelda-tri-force-heroes-35

Other Artwork

Mostly showing the Links looking goofy. Which seems to be the entire game to be honest (even the villain wears sunglasses!)


Not the Shy Guy/Redead masks!


The three Links go adventuring.  X marks the spot?  What is this, pirate treasure?


Link posing in Zelda’s dress.  As fantastic that image might be for some people on Tumblr, it’s probably not one most Zelda fans ever wanted to see.

And that’s the latest media for The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes.  Does it make the game look good?  Well, that’s hard to really tell at the moment.  Seems like it’ll be a funny game to play given all the outlandish costumes and stupid looking NPCs, but gameplay seems like a dumbed down version of Four Swords for the mobile game crowd.  Ah well, may as well wait til the game is released before passing judgement on the whole thing.

What do you think about this artwork and Tri Force Heroes in general?


Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes Official Site


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8 days ago

i have played it the main problem is that you have to be three player even though you can switch between doppels (those are the shy guy/redead masks) it does not allow two players the only way to do two player is to have two copy’s and even if you want to play single player you cant beat 5 bosses at all leading to having to skip them leading to decreased rewards and no triforce mark proving you did it even if you avoid this entirely even basic combat is 3 times as hard as in three player download play… Read more »