The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds; New Screenshots and Artwork!

Excited for the Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds? Well not only did Nintendo show more of the game at Nintendo Direct a few days ago (the video of which can be seen below), but they also released a bunch new fantastic screenshots and concept art pieces showing the game!

Here’s the video:

And here’s the concept art.  Got to love the painting stylings to this, the pictures look almost hand drawn!

LinkBetweenWorldsOfficialArt1 LinkBetweenWorldsOfficialArt8 LinkBetweenWorldsOfficialArt4 LinkBetweenWorldsOfficialArt5 LinkBetweenWorldsOfficialArt9

Presumably, these are from the intro that discusses Link defeating Ganon and his return to terrorise Hyrule.

But the other concept art is pretty nice too.  Have a look at these characters…

LinkBetweenWorldsOfficialArt10 LinkBetweenWorldsOfficialArt11 LinkBetweenWorldsOfficialArt6 LinkBetweenWorldsOfficialArt2 LinkBetweenWorldsOfficialArt3

They’ve got all manner of charm and personality to them as seen in these screens alone, looking more interesting than most other Zelda NPCs in recent times.

And that last wizard guy?  Yeah, you can tell he has something to do with the forces of evil and Ganon.  I mean, the guy kind of looks like his reincarnation…


There’s also some interesting new screens, one of which shows the return of a very familiar ‘friend’ from the original Link to the Past.  Recognise who it is?

LinkBetweenWorldsScreen21 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen20 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen19 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen18 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen17 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen16

Oh look, it’s Sahasrahla, the elderly wizard/mentor guy who helped out Link in the original A Link to the Past!  That’s a character I never imagined would make a return, yet here he is in a new Zelda game all those years later!  It’s pretty much a great continuity nod for old school Zelda fans.

LinkBetweenWorldsScreen15 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen14 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen13 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen12 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen11 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen10 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen9 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen8 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen7 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen6 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen5 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen4 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen3

LinkBetweenWorldsScreen2 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen1

Princess Zelda looks pretty nice too, especialy in this art style.  Kind of cute as well.

Add in the new item system (where you can buy or rent items from a shop rather than finding them in dungeons), and you’ve got a very interesting yet traditional Zelda game that should nicely appeal to those of us who want something more akin to the first four or so games in the franchise.

Are you excited for the Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds now?


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7 years ago

Very excited

7 years ago

With all the pokemon leaks, and the close launch date, it seems Zelda isnt getting as much hype as it deserves…..

Janlo love
Janlo love
7 years ago

My old game, name was super nintendo, i remember said legend of zelda, link of the past or legend of zelda, a link between world by 3DS nintendo thank you. 🙂