The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds; New Screenshots and Artwork

Including the return of a very popular Zelda villain too.  Can you guess who it is?  You can see him and various others in the full article past the ‘break’…

Here he is.  The returning character…

Dark Link

Yeah, it’s Dark Link!  What’s more, he looks like a cross between the Zelda 2 and Four Swords versions, meaning that he might actually turn out to be a competent villain and difficult boss to defeat this time.  So yeah, that’s one good thing to rejoice about!

This however, isn’t…


Is that a living question mark?  Why do I get really bad flashbacks to Clippy and the other Microsoft Office assistants when I see him?  And that colour scheme…

Oh god, it’s basically a cross between Clippy and Fi. As if one wasn’t bad enough.


Back to the positive stuff now though.  This Moblin looks pretty cool.

And so does this guy…

Ball and Chain Soldier

Yep, it’s our old ‘friend’ the Ball and Chain soldier, the mini boss found in the original Link to the Past, the Minish Cap and the Four Swords series.  Seems like he’s returning in Link Between Worlds too, which should be cool.


I have no idea who the hell this guy is.  Probably an NPC of questionable importance in the story, but who the hell knows.


A Zora… queen type character?  Well, I guess that’s something.  Another freaky monster style female character in the Zelda series to join the few dozen others that seem to exist there (like the fairies from just about any Zelda game).


Some sage like guy who might have some importance, what with the Triforce mark on his clothing.  Reminds me of that teacher bloke from Skyward Sword, the one running the Knights Academy that I can’t remember the name of.


Impa again.  Why does this character always turn up as either an athletic young woman or a really old one again?  I never got that character design trend in the series.

So that’s the cast.  How about some paintings now?  Well, here you go.  Seems like Yuga’s been trapping more than maidens in these things…

LinkBetweenWorldsArt1 LinkBetweenWorldsArt3 LinkBetweenWorldsArt4

Like Impa, that bloke we saw earlier and the Zora thing.  What did they do to deserve such a horrible fate?  Probably nothing other than being ‘in the way’ through no fault of their own.  At least we probably get to free them.

Oh, and before I forget… am I the only one reminded of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon by the painting stuff in this game?  Seriously, the freed Toads were trapped in these things too.

Maybe we need someone to make a crossover game/movie where you go around freeing Yuga’s victims with the Dark Light Device while capturing the Zelda bosses with the Poltergust and sending ’em through the Ghost Portrificationizer like in the first game.  We can even have the funny situation of Yuga fighting Vincent Van Gore or something, considering that the former traps people in paintings for his evil schemes and the latter brings paintings to life for his.


A treasure chest.  Bet the following music plays when you open it:


Finally, here’s Link vs Yuga in a boss battle.  Looks cool.

So that’s all the new artwork.  But as the title says, that’s not all for today.  Oh no, we also get some very neat little screenshots too.  Here they are:

LinkBetweenWorldsScreen1 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen2 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen3 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen4 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen5 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen6 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen7 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen8 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen9 LinkBetweenWorldsScreen10

From what I can see, we’ve got Turtle Rock, Link fighting a soldier and a Hinox in a snowy realm, meaning there’s plenty of fan service for Zelda diehards here.  Oh, and is that Turtle thing the boss Trinexx?  Sure looks it to me, so that’s quite the neat shout out!

So that’s the new artwork and screenshots of The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds, a game which is looking better and better by the day.

What do you think of the pictures?  Do they make you want to buy this game when it’s released on November 22nd?


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8 years ago

Damn. I want a 3DS just for this.

8 years ago

The strange man has the goron symbol on his belt

8 years ago

Aonuma said hand-holding is annoying, over-long tutorials are annoying, he gets that. And yet he’s distilled the hand-holding *literally* into a question mark character. Eeehhh! I think he’s doing this on purpose so they let him make something else. “I love making Zelda, I want to make Zelda games my whole life. -Here, here’s a question mark as a character. -Here, here’s gay Link. You like? ..You don’t? Aww, poor you. HERE’S SOME MORE!! HAHAHAHA… I love making Zelda games..”.

8 years ago

Seems like that weird bloke is a Goron, a quite humanly Goron still