The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds; Crash Glitch Found

And boy is this glitch both easy to pull off and ludicrously simple in its execution.

Just enter any dungeon in the game, and as you’re heading through a door into a new area, soft reset the game by pressing L, R and Start at the same time.

The game will immediately lock up and go to a black screen, before you reset to the Home menu with an error message.  Every single time, guaranteed.

It’s not just some intentional thing either.  When I do this, the game actually says in a message box ‘the game has encountered an error and needs to restart’, before being stuck at a black screen for about 20 seconds and going back to the home menu.  Other people have had it to, as can be seen here:

And here’s a picture of the result:


So yeah, definitely seems like a minor thing Nintendo might want to think about fixing at some point.  What do you think about this bug?


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What’s the point? How often would someone do this?


As Bob said, how many times would you do this? And even if you do the soft reset, you’re not losing anything at all since you wouldn’t reset without saving. Just seems like a pointless thing that would be easily looked over by testers.


My problem is that the bug isn’t limited to those conditions, I’ve been getting that error, along with whole system crashes while playing. They seem to occur randomly, even when I’m not pushing L, R, or Start.