The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Bundle sells out in Five Minutes (in Japan)

That’s already pretty impressive, but do you know what was even more so?

This was in Japan.  The region that doesn’t really like Zelda games that much and pretty much bought hardly any copies of the most recent titles whatsoever.  Yet within five minutes of Amazon Japan putting 700 bundles online, the whole lot was completely sold out.

So yes, it makes me wonder what’s going to happens when the bundles are made available in the US and Europe, places where people actually care about the Zelda series a whole lot.  Are we going to sell thousands of the things get sold out within a similar time frame?  Or is there something about this game in particular that the Japanese gaming audience really likes?


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8 years ago

That is surprising since the LoZ series has always been more popular in the west. But only 700 bundles in 5 minutes? That’s not impressing, unless it was just once retailer?

gee gee
gee gee
8 years ago

IM getting thi sne w system hands down!