The 3DS eShop has Luigi’s Mansion 2 Music!

No, not available to buy and listen to.  That’d probably make too much sense for Nintendo.

Instead, to celebrate the Halloween season, they’ve got Gloomy Manor’s theme music from Dark Moon playing as you browse and purchase games.  Here’s a video showing it in action (so to speak):

Dark Moon music on the 3DS eShop! 😀 @gonintendotweet

A video posted by @armoredfrog on

Personally? I kind of like it. Okay, I’d probably prefer the tune from Haunted Towers or Treacherous Mansion myself (since their theme songs are much better than the Gloomy Manor one ever was), but hey, it’s nice to see Luigi’s Mansion 2 getting such attention this time of year.

You can find the full theme (as taken from the original game) in the full article after the break, if you just feel like hearing it again.


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Michael Ocampo
Michael Ocampo
7 years ago

I think it’s funny how almost all of your opinions are the opposite to mine. I haven’t heard of all those tracks for quite some time but I think Gloomy Manor is my favorite. Which one is your favorite out of the two you mentioned above?