Super Smash Bros 4 Soundtrack CD Revealed!

Which most interestingly, shows that some very specific songs are going to be present in the Wii U version.  What ones?  Well, here’s the soundtrack CD picture, have a look yourself:


Notice anything interesting? Well, I do.  Namely, that Gear Getaway is included as a Wii U song.  So it’s likely that the Donkey Kong stage for the game will be factory or cave themed instead of a traditional Jungle level, especially given how said theme was already used in the 3DS game as bonus music.

Other songs of note include the Great Cave Offensive (which backs up rumours of a level based on said game being revealed for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros 4), and the Xenoblade Medley (which shows that a lot more songs from the game will be present in the Wii U version).

So yes, interesting potential information in this song list.  Pity the soundtrack itself will probably be ignored, what with all the music ending up on Youtube within a week or so of the game’s release.


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