Super Smash Bros 4; Pac-Man Exploit Trivialises Online Multiplayer!

Yep, just a few weeks later, and we’ve got another exploit that can be used to ‘cheat’ in Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U’s online multiplayer!  This time, two Pac-Man players can keep each other bouncing into the air and off the screen, as a way to avoid anyone else being able to hit them.  Then, they can just sit their until Sudden Death’s falling bob-ombs take out their vulnerable opponents (when the battle inevitably ends in stalemate).  Here’s a video:

Pretty broken huh?  Yes, yes it is.  Fortunately, there is actually a way around the exploit until it gets patched out, thanks to ROB and one of his attacks.  So here’s how to stop Pac-Man players using the above glitch to cheat a victory online:

So yeah.  Try and avoid fighting players using Pac-Man where possible and choose ROB if you inevitably get stuck facing someone who likes to exploit this tactic online.  Hopefully Nintendo will patch it out of the game soon.


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